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The evolution of steroids

Steroids aren’t new to us. They have been there for ages. But the way they are used has changed. The applications of steroids have evolved greatly over the years. There are new uses for steroids found and this has lead to the various combinations of the steroids being used in various ways. Be it for therapeutic purposes or for their muscle building effects, steroids find their application in several areas.

A brief history of how it all began:

All over the world there are various traditions and practices that involve consumption of various types of ingredients for various effects in the body like the consumption of sesame seeds in ancient Greece, pituri plant in Australia, and the hallucinogenic mushrooms by the Norse warriors.

The history of sports people taking drugs to enhance their performance has also been noted since the 1800’s. This is because of certain drugs in enhancing the speed and strength in a lot of ways. In 1856, in an experiment conducted by a scientist, there was an attempt to inject externally synthesized testosterone from other living beings. The result was said to have a rejuvenating effect and to know more read link evolution with steroid history. But nothing big had materialized yet.

Attempt to create Captain America’s!

Captain America isn’t imaginative entirely. A similar attempt was actually made with the idea of creating super-soldiers in Hitler’s time for the Nazi army. During this period, there were extensive studies and research going on to synthesize testosterone. From blood, an androgenic component was extracted and converted into something that was ingestible. The resulting component was named Androstenone or more commonly by the name Andros. This formed the basis of the later developed steroids. These compounds made the soldiers stronger and thus helped them perform better at war. They were also found to be more aggressive and thus better at fights in the war scene. The problem then was the wrong way of consumption. Instead of considering it a drug, it was taken more as a supplement with the diet. This lead to the absence of the desired results. Instead, there were numerous negative effects observed in those that consumed it. This made the project stagnate and take a back seat.

Then came the injections!

Androstenone was swept aside after the World War II. A new research then began to figure out a way to separate cholesterol and testosterone. The resulting compound was mainly used to heal and help in recovery of the prisoners after the war. This compound was seen to have a positive impact. Those that got the shots were seen to regain their body weight and gain muscle strength. Also, it was seen that those who got the injections were able to overcome malnutrition condition as well as anemia. The scientist who synthesized this compound was honored with the Noble Prize as it was then considered a wonder drug. Things have changed so much, haven’t they?

For the sports persons and body builders:

Understanding well the effects of steroids on the muscle growth, slowly, the use of the drugs on sports people and body builders began. When Russians started dominating in the Plympic games, the world first started realizing the effects of steroid. All the athletes from Russia were on steroids and this made them stronger and faster. They were unstoppable. They were winning continuously and that’s when everyone started digging into the potential of this drug. But then this strength and the way Russia synthesized steroids became a problem for the USA during Cold War. The Russian soldiers were stronger opponents to confront. This made the USA to research on steroids and synthesize a performance enhancer themselves too.

Birth of the anabolic steroids from AAS:

This continued till 1959, after which a physician figured out a way to reduce the negative effects of the drug. This he did by reducing the androgenic effects by increasing the anabolic effects. This is how AAS or anabolic androgenic steroids really became anabolic steroids. Androgenic meant that it induced a lot of male characteristics in those who consumed them. But this was not something acceptable. This made AAS a bad option for women. But reducing the androgenic properties made this a good choice to improve strength efficiency and body size in men and women alike. This was also the time when from the ingestible forms the oral forms evolved too. Dianabol or methandrostenolone is one of the most popular forms of steroids in the present day. This is the drug that was synthesized back then in 1959.

Therapeutic rather than an enhancer:

When the drug was found effective, it was not at once prescribed as a performance enhancer. It was used more in a way to treat several conditions. One main issue was to address fatigue. Sudden severe weight loss cases were also treated as the steroid resulted in helping the person gain back the lost weight. This was by helping in the increase in the protein levels synthesized by the body. This further resulted in cell development and body building. So, even those with poor appetite could be made to gain weight with the help of this drug. Roughly then body builders who understood what the drug could really do started using it for the purpose that they always wanted. Even after a stringent diet and strict exercise routine getting all the body mass that an iconic physique is pictured as cannot be easily got without the help of enhancers that work with the natural enzymes. These help build and promote the growth of the skeletal muscles that give them the strong and broad body.

Performance enhancers:

Though the Olympics saw the use of AAS decades ago, when the body builders popularized the use of these, sports people, athletes in particular also started focusing on them. This was roughly when the law started laying stringent rules against the use of steroids in competitive games. It was also seen that a single type of steroid couldn’t be used as a whole for all purposes. Some of them were found to have dangerous effects. So stacking of steroids with the right combinations was then started.